This blog took a while for me to construct, mostly because i didn’t know as much as i thought i did. The amazing thing is that every time i started writing, i found something new and i wanted to learn more. Every article that i read sent me off in a new direction but i always focused on my task. i know i have a stubborn streak that i am working on and sometimes it’s because of a personal flaw, but other times it is my naivety and lack of knowledge. my Dominant has always told me that i need to listen, but during this blog, i came to the realization that meant to more than just her words.

my Dominant gave me the assignment to write about the Clitoris. The hope that She had in my learning about this amazing network was that i would have a better understanding of its function and purpose. Her hope was that the knowledge that i gained would be applied in order to bring Her pleasure. She told me that “by learning about the clitoris,” i would learn all kinds of things that i never took the time to know before. i think once a person gains an understanding of how something works, they become skilled at working with it. i read tons of articles, looked at diagrams, watched videos, and attempted to find one article that i could reference, and here are some of the things that i discovered. Most of the items i am going to write about today can be found in a blog from the Huffington Post, “12 Crazy Amazing Fact About the Clitoris” that was written in 2015. i also want to add that just like with every other lesson, She was correct.

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to the Clitoris. i always just thought of the Clitoris as something i could see, touch and lick. i don’t think i ever had any idea it was a complex and complete system. While i knew that touching the Clitoris brought pleasure to a woman, i never knew to what extent or why. i am a numbers guy so here is an amazing statistic. A woman’s Clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings, can i just say WOW? To put that into perspective, the clitoris has twice as many nerve endings as the penis and it connects and unlocks the key to an additional 15,000 nerve ending in a woman’s pelvic area. i can’t even imagine what it would be like to have 8 times the sensitivity and pleasure that i already feel; that must be amazing and overwhelming.  Unlike the penis, which serves multiple functions, the Clitoris is special. i have a new appreciation for the Clitoris in that its sole purpose is to bring pleasure to a woman.

It was amazing to learn the fact that when in the womb we were all the same until about the twelvth week of gestation. During that period is the time when our sexual characteristics change and we continue on in our journey to adulthood. i never really thought about it before but essentially the same tissue and system develop into a vastly different presentation as we mature. It was also a new fact to me that the adult Clitoris is just about as big as a penis that is not erect. Just like a penis, it grows with arousal, and the Clitoris can even double in size when aroused. What we see on the outside is only a glimpse of an entire system that is at work increasing her pleasure and sensitivity. i like what Sophia Wallace stated, “the Clitoris is not a button, its an iceberg.”

i find it ironic that most people feel comfortable just calling this a “clit” because i have done that too. The Clitoris is so much more than an abbreviation, it’s not a period, it is more like an exclamation point. It almost feels now when i said “clit” in the past that i was saying that is all i thought it was, kind of short and sweet. The Clitoris is a beautiful and complex, pleasure-giving system that i should have had more respect for and desire to understand. i should have learned more about what makes a Woman work than just relying on what i thought i knew.

i know this assignment was not about creating a medical journal about the Clitoris. i am so excited about the information i discovered, and i feel like i could continue to write for days, but just writing facts and quoting others is not what this was about. This assignment was about being aware and learning about unlocking the potential that exists for my Dominant. This was also about listening not just to Her words, but Her body. Now that i have a better understanding of the Clitoris, i feel like i am better equipped to listen and in turn, please Her. my Dominant deserves to be pleasured, and with this new information, i can’t wait to apply what i have learned.

i am thankful that my Dominant gave me this assignment.


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