Our First Time

March 24th will be a day that i always remember and cherish for the rest of my life. As we laid in Her bed and we kissed and caressed, i knew that i was there for a specific purpose. She was stimulating my nipples with her pinches and touch, and i had never wanted to be inside a woman as much as i wanted to be inside of Her. Yesterday marked the day that i would never have to wonder again what it would be like to penetrate Her with my naked penis.

She was there laying on her back, and i climbed in between her luscious thighs. As i penetrated Her, i could feel my body tremble. She felt so amazing. We changed positions several times, and i finally found her on all fours on her bed. As i entered Her from behind, i could see Her beautiful body there in front of me. As i entered her from behind, i started to hyperventilate and for a moment i thought i was going to pass out.  i thrust my penis deep inside of her. As i ejaculated inside Her, i could feel myself filling her beautiful vagina up. I called her name. This was something that i wanted to do since the day i first met Her. i had wanted that experience for so long, and i wanted it to last forever. i did not want to wash her fluids off me, and i declined an offer to clean up afterwards. She later told me that She thought that was very erotic.

As i was alone in my bed last night, i could still feel myself inside of her. Knowing that her essence was still on my penis as i was sleeping last night made me throb and that has allowed me to continue reliving the experience. i knew as soon as i penetrated her that she would always feel this good to me, and i desire to be inside Her everyday.


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