Breast Feeding

i have never felt a deep desire and craving to be in an adult breastfeeding relationship until i met Her. The thought of bonding with Her in this special way is a unique hunger that i have  only with Her. i find Her breasts to be a very sexual and sensual turn on for me, but the want to breastfeed represents a deeper desire i have to bond with my Dominant. my desire to latch onto Her nipple, to exchange a closeness with Her is an emotion that consumes me. i want my desire and need to feed from Her to stimulate her body in such a way that Her body feels that connection and stimulates her mammary glands to lactate.

i know that my desire to nurse from her breasts as her children did is likely impossible, but i still want Her breasts to feed me like Her body feeds my desire.  i want to nurse on Her breasts and have Her express her life-giving milk into my body to nourish me and flow through me, touching every cell in my body and giving me life and sustenance. If that cannot happen, i still want the closeness that exists in that moment and the bonding that occurs during that intimate embrace.

The thought of laying in bed with Her, bonding with Her, gently rubbing Her back and caressing Her, as i am coupled with her in this special way is a desire i have with only Her. i imagine the room being so silent, just us together, the only sound in the room is our hearts beating in unison. Occasionally looking up into Her eyes and experiencing Her beauty in such an intimate way.

In a way, i feel like She gave life to me and the desires that i long to experience. For the first time in my life, i feel my life has purpose and meaning. That is not to say that i dont have value in my other relationships, but with Her, i feel complete for the first time in my entire life.


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