Her Breasts

When i first met my Dominant, it was at a park. The first couple meetings were more of an introduction and opportunity to get to know each other. Despite this, i still felt desire for Her physically. During our first meeting, i tried to peek at Her body and imagine what she actually looked like naked.

Now that we have shared several physical experiences, i find myself fascinated with her breasts and nipples. Her breast are perfect and so firm. i have a deep need and longing to worship, touch them, and feel her breasts press against me. When i hold Her breasts in my hands, they feel like they were made for me. i love the way Her body responds to my touch and Her nipples harden with my gentle caress. i love the way the softened shape changes as she becomes aroused.

my lips and tongue crave to kiss them and lick Her breasts. i want and need the closeness of suckling her nipples. i want our coupling to be sexual and about Her pleasure, but i feel a deep need and desire for intimacy with every touch, twist, tug and suckle of Her breasts. my mouth gets so wet when I think about her breasts and suckling her, especially when I think about how Her nipples become erect as they fill with passion and desire.

Feeling Her nipple passing over the top and bottom of my tongue and caressing the roof of my mouth is so arousing to me. i love the way each nipple feels in my mouth and it stirs in me the greatest desire i have ever experienced in my entire life. The love, the lust and the passion that burns inside of me is intense as i suck on Her breasts and look into Her eyes.


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